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About Us

Dss Properties

has been founded to help the thousands of private tenants find dss accepted properties! We know how hard it can be looking all over the internet, in the news papers, contacting agents Ect….. Just to be told sorry no dss or housing benefit accepted.

Here at dss properties our aim is to have agents & landlords list only property they are willing to let/rent to housing benefit tenants.

Our website is aimed at connecting potential clients with the dss accepted properties they are looking for all in one place! There is no charge for tenants to browse and contact agents & landlords, We here @ dss properties want to make it as easy as possible to find all dss accepted in one place.

For agents & landlords wanting to post a property on dss properties we have made it very easy to register and start listing.

We hope you enjoy your stay on the site and find what you are looking for! If you have any suggestions about dss properties we would like to hear from you contact us HERE


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